Home Office Tips for a Minimalist

Your boss says you can work from home. The problem? Space is tight, and you’re not sure how to set up a home office under such conditions.
This step-by-step guide will show you how to create a home office in your bedroom. You’ll get all the productivity of a real office without having to deal with traffic, office distractions, or slacks!

Step 1: Declutter

Thanks to experts like Marie Kondo, getting rid of stuff that you no longer need has become a trendy and common goal. Decluttering is also a vital step to getting the most out of your space. You can start making room for a home office in your room by:
Getting rid of clothes you no longer wear. Donate them to a non-profit organization or try selling them to a local resale shop — you might just get some cash out of them! Plus, many thrift stores take clothes they can’t use to recycling organizations.
Emptying every drawer. Sort the contents of your messy drawers into neat piles — one for “keep,” one for “discard,” and another for “store elsewhere.” Store everything in your piles accordingly.
Committing to a filing system. Find a way to keep your paperwork and mail organized and stick to it! Whether you prefer filing cabinets or binders — keeping your countertops and desk free of papers will help you stay neat and productive.

Step 2: Demand Double-Duty

Since space is at a premium, all of your furniture should serve multiple functions whenever possible. For example, you can use your TV Stand with storage cabinets to house office supplies, files, and spare chargers, and USB cords. If you don’t have a TV stand, a bedside table with drawers or a high-end dresser will do the trick!
Even your bed can help you maximize your square footage! Stow your seasonal clothes, unused linens, and fancy shoes in clear boxes or wicker baskets under the bedframe. Then, conceal your under-bed stash with a bed skirt or storage ottoman.

Step 3: Consider the Closet

Does your bedroom have a large walk-in closet? Did you clean out so many unused clothing items that it’s looking a little sparse?
Consider using that prime space as an office. Or what people call a “cloffice.”
If you’re looking for different small bedroom office ideas, you’ll find no shortage of cloffice inspiration online. Plus, with simple guides like this one from Lifehacker, it’s easy to turn your walk-in closet into a knockout home office.

Step 4: Think Big with Small Desks

Whether you go the cloffice route or create a workspace on the other side of your bed near the window, don’t bother with an outsized desk. Back in the day, worktables needed to be large to accommodate clunky CPUs and heavy computer monitors.
Currently, a trim and discreet desk should be able to hold your laptop, mouse, notepad, and a few other necessities. With your office supplies stored in the nightstand’s drawers and your paperwork tucked into your handy filing system, you won’t need anything else on your desk.

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