Short-Term Housing Solutions

Looking for innovative short-term housing solutions for your next relocation assignment? HomeStyle Suites provides a housing solution just for you. Short-term, furnished apartments that are move-in ready for your convenience. Sleep easy knowing your trainees are sleeping easy in our temporary housing solutions.

Housing Solution When Disaster Hits

All disasters seem to have one thing in common: they come without warning and have devastating consequences. Hurricane, fire, flood, mold or tornado. This is when innovative housing solutions are needed the most. Therefore, HomeStyle Suites can make the unexpected just a little more comfortable, and simple.

HomeStyle Suites works directly with insurance adjusters and the homeowners. As a result, temporary housing can be ready as quickly and efficiently as possible. Then we manage the short-term housing accommodations throughout the lease term until the homeowner is ready to leave.

Short-term Housing during  Medical Emergencies

HomeStyles Suites takes special care in helping plan your stay in one of our apartment suites as stress-free as possible. Meanwhile, HomeStyle Suites makes your stay more convenient and comfortable. As a result, you can keep your focus where it should be: on your loved ones. Patients and their families traveling away from home for medical procedures, treatments, follow-up visits, or rest and recovery, subsequently a home away from home with our temporary short-term housing options will be awaiting their arrival after a long day.

Temporary Options for Employment Relocation

In addition, HomeStyle Suites is proud to offer temporary housing that meets your per diem. In short, we can accommodate most budgets by meeting TDY per diems, lodging allowances, and cost-reimbursement for federal contractors.

We make it easy for the company’s Human Resources teams. Just because you are going to be occupying a corporate apartment, hotel, or private rental on a temporary basis does not mean you have to give up some of the perks of being at home.

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