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Lubbock’s Short-Term Apartment Rentals?

HomeStyle Suites provides short-term furnished apartment rentals in Lubbock, Amarillo, Midland, and Odessa, Texas. Comfortable Furnished Apartments Arrive at your fully furnished short-term apartment. Every apartment includes a kitchen and the amenities you need to live comfortably for a month or longer. Above all, it’s the perfect alternative to extended-stay hotels. Flexibility you need for […]

Healthy Eating


Eating healthy is not always the easiest thing to do. Especially when we have all of these good-tasting sugary foods knocking at our door. But with a little bit of discipline, and a few tips and tricks, you can be on your way to eating good and feeling good. Here are some things to think […]

How to find the PERFECT Rental for you

If you love the idea of living in a home, with perks like a large backyard, more outdoor space, and privacy, renting a house is a good alternative to buying. More people are choosing this option — the Urban Institute says single-family rentals are the fastest-growing segment of the rental market. As you’re thinking of […]

Office Designs Can Be Easy! Tips and Tricks.

Office designs impact productivity and creativity, which is why many innovative businesses are rethinking their workplace designs. If you’re spending most of your day in a home office, you need a zen space that stimulates ideas while reflecting your personality. You don’t have to compromise your sense of aesthetics for functionality. To create a workspace […]

Travel Tips and Tricks

While jet-setting around the globe may seem glamorous, all the steps leading up to takeoff aren’t always a slice of heaven. Packing a suitcase, navigating an unfamiliar city, and hailing down a taxi or Uber are all stressful. Fortunately, a few practical travel tips and tricks can make your trips smoother and more relaxing. Consider […]